Gujarati Thali

A Gujarati thali is a traditional meal from the western Indian state of Gujarat. It is known for its vibrant and complex flavors, extensive variety of dishes, and a balance between spicy, sweet, and tangy flavors. A typical Gujarati thali consists of several small bowls called katoris, filled with different dishes.

a plate of food with a variety of different types of food
a plate of food with a variety of different types of food

1. Roti or puri: Indian bread made from wheat flour or semolina.

2. Dal: A lentil-based soup with a hint of sweetness, often made with pigeon peas or split lentils.

3. Kadhi: A yogurt-based curry made with gram flour, turmeric, and spices. It has a tangy and sour taste.

4. Sabzi: A variety of vegetable dishes cooked in different styles, such as aloo shaak (potato curry), bhindi (okra), undhiyu (mixed winter vegetables), and sev tameta (tomato curry).

5. Rice: Steamed rice or pulao (a spiced rice dish) accompanies the thali.

6. Khichdi: A combination of rice and lentils cooked with ghee and mild spices. It is often served with a dollop of clarified butter (ghee) on top.

7. Farsan: Gujarati snacks like dhokla (steamed fermented rice and chickpea flour cake), fafda (crispy gram flour snack), and khandvi (roll made from gram flour and yogurt) are also part of the thali.

8. Pickles: A variety of pickles made from mango, lemon, or mixed vegetables are served on the side.

9. Sweet dishes: Gujarati thali is incomplete without a sweet dish. Popular choices include shrikhand (sweetened hung yogurt), basundi (thickened milk dessert), and doodh pak (rice pudding).

10. Chaas: A buttermilk-based drink spiced with cumin powder, ginger, and green chilies, often enjoyed at the end of the meal for digestion.

Overall, a Gujarati thali offers a rich assortment of flavors and textures, making it a hearty and delightful culinary experience.